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AMA Penny Press Options


Our machines are hand-cranked and available either with a handle or a wheel.

Different colours are also available. Please ask about it when you order a machine.

Hopper option:

It is also possible to use a distributor or hopper in countries where is isn't legal to press normal coins. You can buy the blank coins needed for this option from us, too. The blank coins have about the same size as a 5-Cent piece and are made of brass.

AMA Penny Press Münzpräger
AMA Penny Press Machine

Several Motives:

You can have up to three motives for the customer to choose from - bigger choice, greater profit!

Back motive:

You can also have an additional motive on the back of the coin, showing for example your company logo, a text or slogan.


Different currencies:

Our Penny Press Machines can be adjusted to other currencies. Please ask about it when you order your machine.

Hole punch :

You can get an extra device attached to your Penny Press Machine which the customer can use to punch a hole in their coin. They can then put it on a chain or bracelet - an additional attraction!


penny press machine hole punch