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AMA Penny Press: How it works

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AMA Penny Press

How the AMA Penny Press works

The AMA Penny Press Machine is hand-cranked. The customer places a one euro coin for the money box, and a five cent coin to be pressed in the machine and turns the crank a few times.

The mechanism of gears and rollers inside the machine flattens the coin smooth and imprints a lovely motif on it turning it into a collectible souvenir. The particular attraction of the process for the customer is that for little more than a euro, he/she can make his/her own souvenir.

Some collectors drill holes into their medallions and with a piece of string turn them into necklaces.

Usually, the machine is built to accept a 1-Euro coin and a 5-Cent coin which gets pressed. Other currencies are possible, too.

It is also possible to use a distributor or hopper in countries where is isn't legal to press normal coins.

AMA Penny Press Münzpräger

In this case, blank coins or tokens are used to get pressed. If you are interested in this option, please let us know.

Our machines can also be adjusted to accept other currencies.

AMA Penny Press Münzpräger

The blank coins have about the same size as a 5-Cent coin and are made of brass, aluminium coins are available, too.