AMA Amusement Automaten Penny Press Machine

Penny Press Machines MADE IN GERMANY!

AMA Penny Press Cabinets

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AMA Penny Press Cabinet

Specifications of the AMA Penny Press cabinet:

AMA Penny Press Cabinet
AMA Penny Press Cabinets

Penny Press Cabinet

  • Transparent Cabinet with a first class view of the workings
  • Measurements: 46 x 28 x 137 cm
  • Weight: 76 kg

Please find more images of our penny press cabinet and of our NEW CABINET here

AMA Penny Press Machines
  • Has produced the Penny Press Machine for 20 years only in Germany.
  • Is the biggest producer and operator of the Penny Press Machine in Europe.

Available colours:

RAL 5002

032-033-079 #20214F


Ultramarine blue

Bleu outremer

Azul ultramar

Blu oltremare


RAL 5015

034-113-179 #2271B3


Sky blue

Bleu ciel

Azul celeste

Blu cielo


RAL 6009

049-055-043 #31372B


Fir green

Vert sapin

Verde abeto

Verde abete


RAL 3005

094-033-041 #5E2129


Wine red

Rouge vin

Rojo vino

Rosso vino


Dark blue, light blue, red, dark green and dark grey.


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