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What else you should know about the AMA Penny Press Machine

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Further information about Penny Press machines

For each location, a specific design is created that is representative of the tourist attraction.

These individual medals cost only 1 Euro and are thereby an extremely inexpensive souvenir. An increasing number of coined medal fans are collecting these unique pieces, and some even string the pre-holed type medals up on a cord.

For special purposes, the AMA Penny Press machine can be furnished with another motive on the back the medal, e.g.:

  • Your company
  • Your Logo
  • A Slogan

The cash-box of the Penny Press machine is located in a durable steel housing and is doubly secured against breaking-in and vandalism.

The Penny Press Machine makes everybody happy:

  • The customer receives a pretty, coined medal at a great price and very much enjoys creating this fascinating souvenir him or herself.
  • The person, company or organistation providing the location receives a considerable, additional, risk-free income and also gets some from advertising for their attraction.